Software Engineering & Systems Development

  • SerialBox, Part 2: autoplay, mobile platform UX, and UI respect

    SerialBox is live! A web app for listening to playlists consisting of audio stored in Google Drive, ideal for sound creators looking to listen to unpublished work in “set and forget” serial playlist form (and maybe try out some artist names for the material). This initial proof of concept is extremely simple: HTML, CSS, vanilla […]

  • SerialBox, Part 1: Google Drive API, audio, and UTF-8

    I’ve started work on a very simple music player app to play audio files hosted in Google drive. I’ve found one iPhone app that will do this, but it’s riddled with ads, and even worse, it crashes regularly (I reinstalled it 3 times before deleting it for good). I record a lot of unpublished music […]

  • Memoization 101: Fibonnaci

    Dynamic programming is one of those things that is deceptively simple to the novice but ridiculously obvious to the well-trained, meaning what it solves for requires an understanding of execution context and runtime that is neither merely theoretical nor merely practical. Like so much in computer science, knowing what it is is different from knowing […]

  • Seeing in binary

    Here’s some REPL code I just threw together that prints the binary representations of all numbers between 0 and num formatted such that every representation is left-padded with zeroes to the largest bit: Binary is awesome!

  • O(n!)

    Learning data structures and algorithms can be tricky; memorizing what O(n) means is one thing, actually knowing it such that you intuitively understand its meaning, i.e., can see what it means, is another. Along these lines, I will here discuss how I see O(n!). O(n!) says that an algorithm’s work will increase with relation to input size n […]

  • It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

    Week 1 of senior phase down and I’m right in the thick of our first project: building an ecommerce site, i.e., an Amazon clone. So how does one go about doing this? Well, one does not; that is, we were put in teams of four to tackle this project, for which we were given just […]

  • All the things!

    As I transition into the senior phase of my JavaScript studies at Fullstack Academy, I’ve been completely Math.floored by the programming power lurking beneath my fingertips, and it has hardly left me any time to reflect or breathe. But alas! I must breathe, and reflect on these past weeks. So what have I been up to? Here’s […]

  • There are 10 types of people…

    First off, good news: I’ve officially been accepted into Fullstack Academy and will be joining the next immersive cohort. I’m extremely excited for this opportunity to become a software engineer under the tutelage of such a fresh and cutting-edge group of developers.  I’m fully committed to a lifetime of building and continually improving the information superhighway I’ve […]

  • What is a computer program?

    As I gather the data needed to create the fourth and final table for the Flock app – which also happens to be the table with the most foreign keys, being the table which links all the other three – I am re-reading the excellent (and free!) Eloquent JavaScript. It is extremely concise, and the […]