All the things!

As I transition into the senior phase of my JavaScript studies at Fullstack Academy, I’ve been completely Math.floored by the programming power lurking beneath my fingertips, and it has hardly left me any time to reflect or breathe. But alas! I must breathe, and reflect on these past weeks. So what have I been up to? Here’s a brief list:

  • Implemented abstract data types, e.g., linked lists and hash tables
  • Wrote a JavaScript promise library (!)
  • Built several full-stack JavaScript applications, utilizing the following technologies:
    • Node.js (release JavaScript from the browser!)
    • Express.js (build an HTTP server in 10 seconds!)
    • Sequelize.js (Object-Relational Mapping for Node!)
    • React.js (dynamic and astonishingly lean front-end!)
    • Redux (bulletproof state management!)

As I make my way through senior phase here at Fullstack, I will be pausing along the way to go a little deeper into facets of each of these amazing technologies. Stay tuned!